Casper Double Mattress Review

Casper Double Mattress Review

Made in the United Kingdom, the Casper Double Mattress is an award-winning memory foam product scientifically designed for optimum comfort and support.

Indeed it is so comfortable, you will hardly notice it is there.  Casper combines pressure-relieving memory foam with a highly breathable and springy top layer for a sleeping surface which leaves the customer feeling cool, relaxed and supported.  This has been achieved through a unique balance of support and softness, employing a precise combination of foams which minimise the impact of any external movement.

Its open-cell upper layer is naturally more breathable than memory foam, while its woven cover allows air to circulate more freely, thereby ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep throughout the whole of the night.


Casper boasts over a million satisfied customers, and has won multiple awards for its imaginative and exciting range of products.  Fast Company named it its most innovative company in 2017, and it was heralded by Refinery29 as “the Internet’s favourite mattress”.  The company was Good Housekeeping’s Lab Pick in 2018, and a leading consumer magazine has only recently identified it as the top-rated mattress brand in the United States.

The company’s products have been featured and favourably reviewed in the Daily Telegraph and by Which? Magazine.

Product Features

Casper recognises that a good night’s rest is not just about sleep.  Rather it is mindful of the fact that sleep quality is an essential determinant in recovery, regeneration and quality of life during the waking hours.  It is with all this in mind that materials and equipment used are optimised not only for comfort but also to achieve the ultimate in sleep quality.

Casper’s Double Mattress is constructed using four distinct layers.  The first is of a slightly feathered latex foam.  The support function of the mattress is then taken over by a comfortable memory foam.  Below this the traditional foam is tailored with contour cuts to accommodate the shape of the shoulders, and the base comprises a durable and rugged PU foam for total stability.  Open-cell foams are employed to minimise overheating and sweating.

The cover is easily removable for convenience when washing.  It is made from 99% polyester and is best cleaned at 40 degrees in the washing machine.


This product’s unique four-layer design works in a unique way to relieve pressure and boost comfort, specifically designed to ensure correct spinal alignment at all times.  The top layer is open cell in order to help eradicate perspiration which can lead to disturbed sleep patterns.

A transition layer is included to increase comfort and high-density memory foam works to minimise unwanted pain and discomfort from the process of sleeping.

The Casper Double Mattress is perhaps understandably the company’s signature and best selling mattress product, described by the independent and impartial Which? magazine as “excellent”.

Support and Comfort

Comfort is a subjective thing, and is not always interpreted in exactly the same way by different people.  Nevertheless firmness and support are the qualities which generally determine comfort, coupled with a tried and tested scientific approach to enabling good sleep and minimising interruptions and of course discomfort.

The Casper mattress works with the contours of your body to create a sleeping experience like no other, with maximum breathability and an absolute minimum of disturbance.  This remains the case whether you are a side, back or front sleeper.  Its adaptive feel is perfect for the alleviation of pressure.

Motion Transfer

This is what you experience whenever a person or a pet with whom you are sharing your bed decides to change position during the night.  Often the result is that your sleep is disturbed even though you may not realise it at the time.  This can leave you feeling inexplicably tired when you wake, despite having seemingly enjoyed a long period of undisturbed rest.

This double mattress is especially designed to keep motion transfer to an absolute minimum, thereby making for less disruption of your sleep patterns.  It should always be remembered that a good night’s sleep is important not only for its own sake, but to ensure that you can function effectively during the waking hours.


The Casper Double Mattress measures up at a generous 135 x 190 centimetres (specs may vary slightly when purchased abroad).  Its total shipped weight is 25 kgs.  The 99% polyester cover is equipped with a sturdy zip, and is easy removed for washing which should be at 40 degrees for best results.  All materials are certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


Over 70% of customer reviews at Amazon give this product a five-star rating, with a goodly proportion of the remainder offering four stars.  Of those few which are less generous, typically complaints surround slightly delayed deliveries (which themselves are uncharacteristic) or expectations which had differed from the stated appearance or performance of the item.  Reports of actual flaws or shortcomings are all but non-existent.

One reviewer excitedly asks: “Why oh why did I wait so long before buying this Casper mattress?  I was indecisive because of the hype and then you lie down and discover it’s even better than 5 stars…from the first night, sleep and I became best bedfellows…I get my shut eye so there’s no looking back”.

Another talks of “a perfect night’s sleep” and proudly declares “I wouldn’t part with it.”

There are some minor issues to be overcome, such a slight smell of newly-manufactured produce which takes between a few days and a few weeks to completely disappear, depending upon which reviewer you read.  All in all though customers are satisfied and very enthusiastic.


This item is simple to unpack and comes with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty.

It may seem like stating the obvious, but Casper recognises that the perfect bed is built around the needs of the customer rather than the convenience of the supplier.  As such it is scientifically designed to maximise comfort and to keep sleep disturbance down to an absolute minimum.  It boasts an intelligent four-layer design to assist with every facet of the sleep process.  The success of this concept is what drives the popularity of this award-winning product.


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