Emma Hybrid Mattress Review 2019

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review 2018

Emma Mattress company is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Europe—and for good reason. Offering to-your-door delivery of bed-in-a-box products, Emma Mattress company stands behind their products with a 100-day full-refund guarantee.  If your new Emma mattress doesn’t meet your expectations, they’ll take it back, no questions asked. They’ll even remove your old mattress on request.

 If you find yourself trying to decide if an Emma Mattress is right for you, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find an in-depth 2018 Emma Mattress review to help you decide.

About Emma Mattress Company

Emma Mattress Company’s founder, Max Laarmann, decided to open a mattress business after having an unsatisfying experience while shopping for a new mattress.  The stores he and his girlfriend visited were full of confusing pricing systems, pushy commission-based salespeople, and dozens of mattress brands with no other method of testing beyond lying down on each one.  The couple found the mattresses were all either too hard, too soft, or out of their price bracket—it was a complete waste of time.

After growing tired and confused, the two were swayed by a salesperson into buying a memory foam mattress that was not only too expensive, but also not what they really wanted. They then had to suffer further inconvenience when the delivery was late. Worse, after a few weeks of discomfort they struggled to get the store to honor the return policy or even answer the phone.

More than a few of you reading this may understand Max’s frustration, as, unfortunately, the events of his story are not uncommon. Max, however, took his mattress nightmare and turned it into inspiration.  He founded Emma Mattress company in 2015 with the goal of providing a superior mattress and customer-oriented mattress buying experience to go along with it.

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Emma Mattress  Options

Emma Mattress company offers two main product types—the Emma Hybrid mattress and the Emma Original.
The Emma hybrid mattress is comprised of layers of foam and conical pocket springs while the Emma Original contains only foam.

Ironically, the Emma Original Mattress is the company’s second bed-in-a-box offering, and the hybrid is actually their first. They gained a solid reputation and market penetration with the Emma Hybrid making the Original a welcome addition to the Emma company’s mattress range.

What Are the Components in an Emma Mattress?

Emma Hybrid Mattress

It’s important to know what components are used in a mattress as it can give an idea of how it will feel, perform, and retain heat.

Removable Top Cover: The Emma hybrid mattress is completely encased in a removable well-fitting grey zippered-top cover made of 2% Elastane and 98% Polyester specifically chosen for an easy cleaning experience and better moisture control.

The tight fit prevents slipping and wrinkling even during the most restless nights.
The bottom side contains an anti-slip fiber to keep your mattress from sliding on your frame, box spring, or even floor.

Airgocell Foam Layer: Under the removable covering there is a 1.57-inch layer of breathable Airgocell foam. Air circulation is important to have in the top layer of a mattress, because one of the biggest causes of wear and tear throughout a mattress’s lifespan is build-up of perspiration.

Airgocell foam is specially developed to be open-pored yet compact. This breathability helps ensure a cooler night’s sleep. Airgocell was also developed to limit the amount of motion that can be felt when a sleeping partner moves around.

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Pocket Springs Layer: The Emma hybrid has around 2,000 pocket springs in a second 0.7-inch layer under the Airgocell foam. These springs are inserted deep inside foam to optimize motion isolation and guarantee that springs don’t stick out when the cover is removed.

They are small yet effective. Bigger springs were avoided as they may be felt through the layers and cause discomfort.

Visco-elastic Memory Foam Layer: The wondrous benefits of memory foam have spread throughout the mattress connoisseur world for a good reason. No mattress claiming to offer the maximum amount of support and comfort can be without it.

The visco-elastic memory foam 1.18 inch-layer in the Emma hybrid is there to provide spinal support, pressure point relief, and body contouring. This is of special importance to those sleepers with lumbar problems or chronic joint pain.

Cold Foam Base Layer: The 6.3-inch base layer in the Emma hybrid has been scientifically developed around feedback from customers. It is durable, but also provides the support a sleeper needs when laying on it for a solid 8-hours.

This is a key factor because a base layer that is too soft will have you sinking in overnight and losing back support. One that is too hard will have you waking up remembering those uncomfortable summer camping trips sleeping on the hard ground.

The cold foam base layer has holes that are slit across the entire width of the mattress to make the foam more giving while also providing lumbar comfort. The foam density ensures heat built-up overnight is minimal and doesn’t build up.

As of 2018, the Emma Hybrid mattress is available in the following sizes:

  • Single
  • Small Double
  • Double Size
  • King Size
  • Super King Size
  • EU (European) Single Size
  • EU Double Size
  • EU King Size

All available options are 10 inches thick. This is good to know when ordering fitted sheets or if you simply want to check if the linen you already own will fit your new mattress.

Emma Original Mattress

The Emma Original mattress is in ways similar to the Emma hybrid, but differs in that it does not contain springs and some of the layers are of a different thickness. Each layer serves the same purpose as described earlier in this review.

Removable Top Cover: The top cover has the same specs as the hybrid.

Airgocell Foam Layer: The airgocell foam layer is also the same as the hybrid and offers the same breathability except it is 1.18 inches thick as opposed to 1.57 to account for the difference in height from spring removal.

Visco-elastic Memory Foam Layer: In the Emma Original, this layer is only 0.7 inches in depth vs. 1.18 inches in the Hybrid.

Cold Foam Base Layer: At 7.5 inches in depth, the Original’s base layer is thicker than the Hyrbid’s 6.3 inches.

Delivery and Packaging

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, one of Emma’s originator’s, Max, had a bad experience with his store-bought mattress being delivered late. One of the main points of an Emma mattress’s delivery and shipping experience is that it is trackable and as swift as the courier services they use can be. Delivery, and the pick-up service, should you choose to return your mattress for any reason, is free.

Depending on when your payment clears, you can expect your Emma mattress to be delivered within a week. In the final step of production at the factory, the mattresses are rolled and vacuum packed into a roughly 18” x 18”x 44” box. When the delivery people bring the product to your home, you may want to request they lend you a hand hefting the box up any staircases or steps in your home – especially if you live alone – it weighs around 66 pounds.

The packaging of the mattress is hardy enough to withstand any damp spots or bumps en route. Given this, the vacuum-packed plastic around the mattress should remain in place until the mattress has been placed on your bed base. Once that has been done, it will be easier to remove the plastic wrapping with the special tool provided for this inside the box (adhered to the back of the instruction manual).

Only the opening tool included in the packaging should be used to slit open the plastic wrapping. This is because a standard kitchen implement may nick or cut the mattress covering which would interfere with the returns policy and the longevity of the mattress itself.

It’s also important to note, that due to the vacuum packing process, your mattress may seem thinner than 10 inches after it has been released from the plastic. It will take about 15 minutes for your it to expand to its full height.

Emma Company recommends allowing the mattress to expand for up to three or four hours, but this waiting period may not significantly change the height of the mattress from what it expanded to in those first 15 minutes.


At this stage of the review, it is necessary to mention a little-known by-product of the memory foam production method called off-gassing. The second you begin to release your mattress from its packaging, you may notice a particular smell emanating from the product. This is off-gas.

It is an unpleasant chemical smell caused from the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) breaking down in the foam and the adhesives used in the manufacturing process. This is exacerbated by the vacuum packing (think about how chefs use vacuum packing meats to intensify their flavors).

Every mattress using memory foam has this smell, and some consumers can find it worrisome. The best way to dissipate the smell quickly is to let the mattress air out in a well ventilated room. The smell is also lessened once sheets and a mattress protector (which is recommended) have been put on.

The good news is that mattress manufacturers are aware of this drawback, and some are controlling it by using better components that actually reduce the memory foam smell or eliminate it completely. Even better news is that Emma seems to be one of these companies. The off-gas smell of their mattresses is not that intense after 24 hours and completely disappears after a week or two.

Both Emma mattresses has been designed to be compatible with a large percentage of bed frames and bases including divans, slatted, and sprung slatted. The special fibers at the bottom of the mattress grip and don’t slip, no matter your base choice.

The overall look of the product once it has been placed on the base is sleek, minimalist, and modern. The colors are muted enough to blend in with many bedroom color schemes and not show through even sheer white sheets.

Another feature that sets the Emma Mattresses apart from the competition is the super-handy handles on the sides of the mattress. These are quite useful for changing the direction of the mattress from north to south (flipping cannot be done because of the layers) and when moving the mattress.

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How Do the Emma Hybrid and Emma Original Feel?

Emma mattresses are made to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible. This is because the airgocell top layer completely adapts to whatever sleeping position and “plush-to-firm” ratio a consumer is after.

Everyone has different mattress preferences, but normally when given the option, sleepers choose to have a medium mattress as opposed to a firm or plush one. The people at Emma Mattress have opted for a product that offers medium firmness or what we like to call the Goldilocks zone.

Both the Emma hybrid and the Emma Original have the perfect blend of softness and support for your spine—very comforting for any aches and pains, both chronic or acute. They offer a wonderful smooth surface that makes both mattresses perfect for sleeping in, reading on, or just relaxing. It can really turn the bed and bedroom into a favorite place.

The Emma Hybrid Sleeping Experience: The conical pocket springs that have been inserted into the two outer layers of foam really provide a lot of bounce back. It is reassuring to discover that the sinking sensation often found in memory foam mattresses that do not have enough internal structure is not a factor with the hybrid. There is just enough memory foam used to make the product comfortable but not enough to give it the spongy feeling some have.

The memory foam layer adds contouring and a snug hugging feeling to the body. This is ideal for anyone of medium weight, but how the mattress handles for heavier individuals is unknown.

The Emma Original Sleeping Experience: The Emma Original feels incredibly soft when it has reached its full height after inflating. It has a welcoming plushness, but with solid-back support as the memory foam layer allows your spine to dip in all the right places. These adequate levels of support with the beautifully soft, light sleeping surface is exceptionally appealing.

Being such a soft and comfortable mattress, there were concerns in the beginning that a sleeper’s hips might drop too far down when back or stomach sleeping. This fortunately does not happen, because the memory foam forms well to your body no matter what position you sleep in.

Despite this, the softness offered by an Emma Original is very well suited to people who like to sleep on their side. All the lumber support is given in the right places and the hips do not experience discomfort. The soft support is also ideal for anyone who likes to sleep with their arms under their body, because the foam gives way enough to avoid sore joints and the dreaded midnight “pins and needles” dead arm.

Some Points to Consider When Shopping for an Emma Mattress

As hard as manufacturers have tried to reduce heat build-up inside foam mattresses, the Emma Hybrid and Original both retain enough heat in the summer months to be slightly hotter than a standard spring mattress. The opposite, of course, is true in the winter months.

The airgocell layer makes a definite difference in the level of perspiration accumulation. It is also nice to know that when the Emma mattress cover gets dirty, it can be easily removed and washed. Both mattresses do not change their “sinkage” levels no matter how hot the weather becomes. This can be a problem for some mattresses, but Emma Mattresses seems to have been able to hit the Goldilocks ratio for this as well.

Nowhere do the manufacturers of the Emma recommend the usage of a mattress protector, as many bed-in-a-box companies are clear in their instructions to do so. This might be seen by the people at Emma as an unnecessary ass-on purchase due to the removable cover.

However, we still recommend a waterproof stain protector to prevent accidental spills from ruining your mattress as the Emma’s cover is not, by the way, waterproof. While this may seem particularly important for parents, it also applies to adult-only households, because the nature of an accident is that you don’t expect it!

The Emma Mattress Warranty

The Emma Mattress company is so confident in their product they offer a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers the dimensional stability of the mattress, and the durability of the materials used in the layers.  As it is not recommended to use a mattress for 10 years, this warranty is more than sufficient. If you’re wondering, six to eight years is the optimal useful life of a mattress with all the bodily fluids, moving, jumping, and mite build-up that happen over the years, though a mattress protector can cut down on some of these everyday stresses.

The One Hundred Nights Trial

It’s hard to determine if you enjoy a mattress by simply lying on it for a moment—or even a night. Emma mattresses come with a 100-day trial, so that you can get a adequate feel for the mattress before making a decision to keep it or not. This is far superior to the “try it, then buy it” policy of standard mattress showrooms.

Emma Mattress User Experiences

The Emma Original and the Emma Hybrid have positive user experience reports overall when excluding complaints common to all memory foam mattresses. These include:

-Off-gasing odor
-Initial flatness before the mattress has had time to expand
-Lack of firmness at the edges

In Emma Company’s defense, these complaints are not so much a reflection of their product, but the limitations of memory foam as a mattress material. Like all options, it too has it’s benefits and drawbacks. It’s simply a matter of deciding whether or not those benefits outweigh the drawbacks for you.

Emma Mattresses: The Verdict

 We do our best in our mattress reviews to be objective when it comes to giving an honest opinion. Afterall, you are trusting us enough to order a mattress based on our recommendation—or at least taking it into consideration in your overall research. The conclusions that we’ve reached here are looked at a variety of view points and comfort preferences.

As far as Emma Mattresses go, we feel the build quality is exceptional at this price point, and the customer service, warranty, and returns policy are above and beyond. We also feel that most sleepers will find a match in an Emma product, but when it comes to mattresses a trial period is the best test. In short, we recommend you just go ahead and give an Emma Mattress a try with the 100-day return policy, it’s a risk-free way to a better night’s sleep.
What have you got to lose? You certainly won’t be losing any sleep.

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Emma Hybrid Mattress Review 2018
Emma Hybrid Mattress Review 2019
Our Final Thoughts
It’s easy to recommend the Emma Original, whether you sleep on your back, side or front, or indeed a combination of all three it offers excellent levels of support and comfort.
Reader Rating17 Votes2.8
Great support and pressure relief for your back
Great surface which is very comfortable
Very good customer service and support
Uses high quality materials
Four handles on the sides to easily move the mattress
Removable and washable cover at 40 ° C.
Delivery can be better
Average breathability, consists only of foam
Poor edge support when compared to other hybrid mattresses
Exceptional all round mattress

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