Nectar Sleep Mattresss Review

Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar has taken a revolutionary new concept in sleep design and has developed it to its logical conclusion.  Using up-to-date advances in mattress and fabric technology the manufacturer has calculated the precise optimum levels of firmness, coolness, firmness and breathability and integrated them into one revolutionary system for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Its award-winning Sleep mattress attracts accolades thick and fast from satisfied customers across the range.  When the chips are down there is little that is more important than a good night’s sleep, and this product was designed with that simple fact in mind.  And it’s no secret, just a design which has at its heart the needs of the customer, and the ultimate comfort of the user.

Accolades and Recognition

The product has won approval in 2018 by the Good Housekeeping Institute and is certified by Which? Best Buy which records that it provides good all-round support and is built to last.   It is also recommended by the authoritative Expert Reviews website.

Comprising the very best CertiPUR certified foam, this product took three years to perfect before being released onto the market.  Since its launch it has acquired no fewer than half a million satisfied users, many of whom have penned stirring accolades in its support.


The Nectar mattress uses three layers of memory foam utilising the latest in design technology to ensure even weight distribution and contouring of the body.  It is CentriPUR certified and does not contain mercury, lead or ozone depleters.  Its adaptive cover is softer, more breathable and more absorbing than any comparator product made from cotton.

The Nectar product provides you with the support of a conventional firm mattress whilst also allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a pillow top.  Nectar’s upper layer of quilted memory foam stimulates air flow beneath the body, and in the meantime the adaptive fabric draws away unwanted moisture and heat.

Unusually, a generous 365-day trial is offered to allow the purchaser time to be absolutely sure that this a product to stick with.  At any point within this period it may be returned for a 100% refund without quibble.  Most competitors offer no more than three months, during which time the mattress may not have fully settled and adapted.  It also boasts a “forever warranty”, meaning it can be returned at any time if it fails to perform.

The Nectar mattress is made in the United Kingdom and is climate neutral.

Nectar Mattress Design

Nectar comprises three layers, on the bottom of which is a dense block of polyurethane foam.  This features a number of cut-out slats which creates varying levels of support in different areas according to need.  In the middle is a firm but pleasingly flexible memory foam, which is what gives this award-winning mattress the ability to adapt effortlessly to the contours of the body.

On the top is what is known as the “Nectar Smart Layer”, which is thirty times more breathable than conventional memory foam.  These three combine to provide an integrated product which performs in an almost bespoke way.

Customer Comfort

The Nectar mattress works in tandem with the body shape to create the optimum sleeping experience.  Boasting startling breathability , this product is suitable for back, front or side sleepers.  Its adaptive feel is perfect for the alleviation of pressure.

As a mattress which errs on the side of firmness, there is no “sinking” feeling as with some other beds.  Rather it has an adaptive quality, which ensures the optimum comfort at any stage of movement or use.  It is particularly supportive of the hips and trunk, where correct posture is of the essence.

For an Undisturbed Sleep

Experiencing disturbed sleep at night can ruin your day or even put you at an increased personal risk of suffering an accident.  Sometimes this can happen without you even realising it.  You think you’ve had a full night’s rest when in fact you have had only an hour or two, or even less, of quality sleep.

A good mattress will minimise the disturbance caused by the movement of others, whether people or pets, who may share your bed.  With its three levels of foam topped by the proven effectiveness of a highly breathable smart layer, the Nectar mattress offers the best form of protection against involuntary disturbance, ensuring you a good and restful night of relaxation.

Nectar Mattress Specifications

The innovative and adaptive upper layer of this product regulates temperature while the lower tiers are designed to make movement as comfortable as possible, sufficiently firm as to offer the necessary support but at the same time soft enough to facilitate the ultimate relaxation.

Weighing just under 34 kilos and measuring 190 x 137 x 28 cms, it is available in either white or grey and comes with free shipping.

Nectar Mattress User Reviews

Customer reviews are easy to find and give an interesting range of perspectives.  Most are four to five star, suggesting a high level of satisfaction with the product amongst users.  The generous and unique 365-day trial would appear to be a popular feature, providing some reassurance in a market which depends a great deal on trust that performance matches up to promises made.

“The ordering and delivery process was smooth, and it arrived on the day we were informed it would. We ordered the King and it’s amazingly comfortable, not too soft and not too hard either. We have used other well known foam mattress brands before, but Nectar has definitely impressed us with their standard of quality,” wrote one enthusiastic reviewer on Amazon.

A small number of professional reviewers question whether the Nectar mattress is significantly different to those manufactured by competitors, but of course by definition these people are sometimes linked with one or other supplier or product and therefore impartiality is difficult to establish.  But overall the verdict is a distinctly positive one.


When it comes to comfort and design the Nectar mattress is clearly up amongst the market leaders, acknowledged and appreciated by customers everywhere.  An effective lifetime warranty, coupled with a highly generous no-quarrel one-year trial make this a tried and trusted product.


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