Simba Hybrid Mattress Review 2018

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review 2018

Simba Mattress – The lie-in king has a name that brings a smile to the face, but does the product also make you smile after a good night’s sleep? We are here to find out with our honest assessment of this hybrid mattress in a box.

There are more than a few reviews of this product currently doing the rounds on bed testing vlogs and websites. We will save you the trouble of accessing them all by giving a brief synopsis of everything they have to say about the Simba hybrid mattress as well as our own opinion of the bed.

Guaranteed Appeal

The convenience of being able to have a new mattress delivered to your home in a box without fuss is appealing in this day and age of online shopping. Simba Mattress has listened to the customers and given them everything they want for relaxed, confident shopping from home.

Here’s what you get with Simba:

  • 100-night trial money back guarantee
  • Free delivery in a box
  • Old mattress removal (not recommended if you plan on taking advantage of the 100-day money back guarantee)
  • 10-year warranty
  • No-hassle, free return policy.

Those are definitely the kind of words a customer wants to read when buying a mattress online.

Get a FREE mattress protector with every Simba Mattress

The Simba Mattress Promise

Looking at the Simba Mattress promises one by one, it is clear to see why this company has become a real contender in the home mattress sector in recent years. This is not an easy thing to do in a market that is so competitive and with many different products from which to choose.

100-night Trial Money Back Guarantee

Offering the consumer over three months in which to try out a mattress and return it if not completely satisfied is nothing new for mattress companies. That said, it makes sense for Simba to offer this since the benefits of this product cannot be gauged until a bit of time has been spent with it.

Within the first few hours of being unpacked, the Simba Hybrid expands from its packed compression and becomes inflated enough to sleep on. It does take a full 24 hours in which to fully expand and can initially seem firmer than expected.

It is only after a few weeks of use that the settling in is complete and the Simba mattress reaches the softness level it will have for the rest of its lifespan.

That is why you need to take your time in trying out the mattress before using the 100-night trial money back guarantee.

Free Delivery in a Box

There is a big reason why the delivery in a box mattress market has taken off in the last few years. Furniture removing prices have gone through the roof with the inflation of staff salaries and gas, and this has been passed onto the consumer.

With such ominous questions being asked the person moving house such as “How many flights of stairs are there on the property?” and “Give us the dimensions of the item to be moved,” it is no wonder that canny shoppers are dumping their old mattress at their old house and buying a mattress in a box for their new home.

It even works out cheaper in the long run, especially if the mattress was due for a replacement or the removal and installation of the old king size mattress was prohibitively expensive.

Get a FREE mattress protector with every Simba Mattress

Old Mattress Removal

If you feel that the Simba mattress reviews are all you need to make an informed decision and never want to see your old one again, it is very handily taken away when your new Simba mattress is delivered. This is a nice touch as many homeowners don’t want to struggle with storage or kerb their old mattress.

It would be even nicer if we knew what happened to the old mattresses. Are they recycled or repurposed in some way?

10-year Warranty & No Hassle, Free Return Policy

These are standard policies for a mattress company to have in place on offer to the customer. In our estimation, no mattress should be kept for ten years, no matter how many times it has been flipped.

The mattress is not able to be packed back into its box for return since it has expanded to its full size. Covering it with packaging material, such as bubble wrap or thick plastic, should be adequate for it to be ready for the free return.

Simba Mattress Hybrid in a Box 2018 Review

Unlike many of the other mattresses in a box currently available on the market, the Simba Hybrid mattress is a scientifically developed combination of micro pocket springs and memory foam.

The company has scientifically proven that mixing the comfort of memory foam with the support from the pocket springs assist in a better night’s sleep.

Those are just two out of the five layers that make up a Simba mattress. How the 2018 design is different from previous years is the latest model comes with an updated cover which allows for the top layer of the bed to be unzipped and washed.

The wash cycle used to clean or soak the removable top layer can be set at a heat of 40 °C. This is a high enough heat to remove that inconvenient coffee stain from any breakfasts in bed. We recommend that the top layer be dried naturally or if the weather where you are does not allow for this, then in an airing cupboard.

There has been some confusion, with reviewers and the Simba company itself, as to whether the thicknesses of the mattresses’ layers have been changed in the 2018 version. Comparatively speaking, the 2018 Simba Hybrid layer thickness is in no way discernibly different to the previous year.

Get a FREE mattress protector with every Simba Mattress

Five Different Materials in a Simba Hybrid

The first (top) layer is a hypoallergenic surface that has been designed to allow maximum airflow around the sleeper. Hypoallergenic is a word you usually encounter with make-up and cosmetics. Here it means that the materials used to manufacture the first layer are not only porous enough to permit air flow but also do not cause allergic reactions to the skin and face.

The next layer in the mattress is 4 centimeters (1.57 inches) of patented “Simbatex.” This layer is designed to maximize comfort and is similar to latex. It is meant to be more impervious to heat retention.

Below the Simbatex layer are the 2,500 conical micro pocket springs. Springs minimize any movement any time the bed is shared between two people.

The next layer consists of memory foam with a depth of 35 millimeters (1,37 inches). This may come across as a rather narrow margin of memory foam to use when considering that there are entire mattresses made from this miraculous material. Its effects are possibly maximized by the final layer that makes up the Simba Hybrid.

The final layer or support base of the mattress is 155 millimeters (6,1 inches) of firmer foam. This is the thickest layer in the Simba Hybrid and provides support and structure to the whole mattress, rounding off its depth to 25 centimeters (9,85 inches) in total.

Simba Mattress Review 2018

Simba Hybrid Mattress Use

The Simba Hybrid is the same standard size and depth as other traditional type mattresses. The drawback to its generic look is that it will not exactly make your bedroom a showstopper where the bed looks like the star.

If you are keen to try and elevate your bed into looking like the focus of the room, you may have to consider getting a base with higher legs to give it some elegance.

The plus side to the Simba Hybrid’s dimensions is that it will fit most sheets and coverings. A standard bed frame with this mattress will have a working height that is both practical and appealing for the elderly and children alike.

As with all the mattress models that prescribe to layers of materials being used instead of just one, there is no way it can be flipped over when one side begins showing the effects of nightly compression.

In place of the flipping method, Simba recommends that the mattress be rotated once a month at the beginning of its use as part of the breaking-in process.

After six months of monthly rotation, the mattress can then be rotated every three to six months as usual. This practice will improve the lifespan of the product and reposition the areas of nightly compression.

Simba Mattress Sizes & Dimensions

It is really important to check the measurements of the mattress you are ordering to ensure it is the correct size for your base. Simba Hybrid is a British company, and some of the sizes are more geared for the European markets.

Instead of moving from a Double size up to a Queen size, as is the usual practice, the sizes go from a Double to a King, Super King, and then Emperor. If you are looking at one for junior use, the sizes range from Single, Small Double, and Bunk Sizes that are thinner than the others. We are not going to waste space listing the various dimensions here, only hint that measurement comparisons should be made before ordering.

The weights of the mattresses range from 24 kilograms (52,9 pounds) for a single to 47 kilograms (103,6 pounds) for the Emperor.

With weights that possibly exceed that of the people sleeping on the mattress, one would think that Simba Hybrid would think to add handles onto the side of the mattress to assist when it comes to rotating it.

SingleW90 x L190 x H25cm£399Buy Now
Small DoubleW120 x L190 x H25cm£599Buy Now
DoubleW135 x L190 x H25cm £599Buy Now
KingW150 x L200 x H25cm£699Buy Now
Super KingW180 x L200 x H25cm£799Buy Now
EU Small SingleW200 x L200 x H25cm£399Buy Now
EU SingleW80 x L200 x H25cm£449Buy Now
EU DoubleW90 x L200 x H25cm£649Buy Now
EU Double LW140 x L190 x H25cm£649Buy Now
EU QueenW140 x L200 x H25cm£749Buy Now
EmperorW160 x L200 x H25cm£899Buy Now

Find Your Perfect Size

Suitable Bases

The Simba Hybrid is a regular, standard size mattress and as such fits similar bases whether they are solid or slatted. It can even be fully functional on a divan. Simba does offer their own adjustable bed that they recommend for use with the mattress, but it is not essential to have this to still gain all the benefits.

One of the side benefits, from the consumer’s point of view, when ordering any mattress product online is that the pressure from the salesperson to add a costly base set to your purchase is no longer an issue.

In addition to this point, if a consumer in the main cities in Britain wish to inspect a Simba Hybrid before they buy one, some stores stock this product for “display and try” purposes.

The same may be for the main city where you live if you want to test drive your mattress before committing to a purchase. Simba Hybrid is the only mattress in a box on the market to offer this option.

If the base you have at home has slats that are more than 7,6 centimeters (3 inches) apart, it may affect the support the mattress offers. The same issue can happen if your base has sprung slats as this can make the mattress feel less firm.

Related image

Simba recommends that you use a breathable cotton protector on your mattress and they do sell their own. The mattress protector is a vital part of extending the life of your bed and keeping it looking presentable.

There are a few schools of thought as to the validity of a breathable cotton one versus a protector made of durable, non-permeable plastic materials.

The breathable cotton protector is ideal as a sweat absorber and also permits the circulation of air. A protector made of plastic materials, however, completely prevents accidents involving liquids being able to stain the mattress.

Some people compromise here and use a protector that has a wide band of plastic material in the middle of the bed and breathable cotton on the top and bottom halves.

As the Simba Hybrid 2018 has a removable and washable top layer, that helps with sweat absorption and liquid spillage too.

Comparable Brands & Makes

In its price range and product specificity, Simba Hybrid has no real competition. Added to this is its five-star rating across the board. It has the exact same pricing model as another manufacturer of foam-alone mattresses, Leesa. So, for the same price as a quality foam mattress, it is possible to buy a Simba Hybrid.

Other bed-in-a-box delivery mattress companies offer the same 100-day trial guarantees, and they are all close to the same in price structure. If every penny is being pinched in your house, then it would probably be best to go into a store to negotiate with the owner for a larger discount or look out online for incentivized discount offers being made by distributors that bundle a few items together.

For those consumers out there who find foam mattresses too warm for all year-round usage, there are other pocket-sprung models on the market that would better suit your requirements.

As these makes and models of mattresses are manufactured with more complexity than foam ones, there are no return options out there except if the actual product is faulty.

The drawback to choosing another type of mattress when the temperature is an issue is that the benefits of one type in winter is offset by the slight discomfort one experiences in summer, and vice versa.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Comfort Level & Performance

Included in its delivery box is a tool that must be used to remove the vacuum packed mattress. The vacuum packing is necessary to maintain the compression of the product until it is released.

Once the mattress has been released from its packaging and placed in position on the bed, it immediately begins to rise rather like the sped-up footage of bread baking in the oven.

The entire process of inflating takes up a full 24-hour period. This can seem like a long time if you plan on sleeping on it that night, but fortunately, the mattress is ready to be used after only 3 hours of inflation and lying on it for 8 hours asleep will not inhibit that process at all.

As with all factory produced and plastic wrapped furniture products, the Simba Hybrid does have a strong smell of its wrapping and storage on it when it arrives and you release it from the packaging.

It can be slightly overwhelming at first, but if you have any previous experience with new furniture, you will know that this smell dissipates over the next few days and disappears entirely after a few weeks. Keeping it in a well-ventilated room helps this process along.

When first out of the box and completely expanded, the Simba Hybrid is felt to be a very comfortable mattress and rates reasonably high in the firmness category too. These factors will, of course, fluctuate according to the user’s weight and height.

Consider following this good rule of thumb to refer this experience — if you are light in weight, the Simba Hybrid will feel firmer, and if you are heavier in weight, then it will feel more giving and comfortable.

No matter what weight you are, the mattress’s back support will still function the same. It is all a matter of preference.

When the Simba mattress adapts to continuous use, it does become slightly less firm. This is from the compression of the materials as it settles into accepting the shape of the body. It never forms a noticeable depression as it sometimes the case with some complete foam mattresses.

Simba Mattress Review 2018

As the Simba Hybrid becomes more broken in, it reaches a perfect level of support, firmness and comfort. This is where it is essential to rotate the mattress once a month (even if this is a real chore because of the lack of handles) as per the instructions because this guarantees the settling in will continue over as many sections of the bed as possible.

The reason for the Simba Hybrid being able to provide the sensation and performance of feeling both soft, comfortable and firmly supportive is because of its hybrid structure.

The top layer and the Simbatex layer under it are ultra-comfortable while the conical micro pocket springs and memory foam are what provide the feeling of support.

While your back is given the alignment it needs for a proper, good night’s sleep, the soft top layer is giving enough to not cause a bruising sensation on limbs and torso that can sometimes happen on very firm mattresses.

With all the research available, there is no need for us to reiterate the fact that synthetic materials retain heat more than natural fibers. This is the case with the Simba Hybrid’s latex layer. It is comfortable, but holds your body heat and does not disperse it as well as natural materials can do.

A traditional pocket sprung mattress has natural fibers filling it so the air circulates more efficiently. The natural materials also cost more during the manufacturing, and this is what drives the prices of these mattresses up higher than the foam ones.

After much testing in all types of weather, the Simba Hybrid came out tops in both warm and chilly conditions. With research showing how bad it is for health to sleep with the heating on and the windows closed, it is reassuring to know the Simba Hybrid can keep you toasty and warm all winter night long.

In the summer months, we did not find a noticeable difference in discomfort from heat retention, and the mattress also kept its firmness compared to other mattress brands that tend to soften too much when heated.

Simba Mattress Review 2018

Review Results

After months of testing and sleeping, we felt that the Simba Hybrid is a perfect example of how to bring the two technologies of micro-pockets and memory foam together to make an outstanding product.

As for the convenience of having this delivered to your doorstep, the ease of setting it up and the consumer-friendly guarantees, we have no doubt that countless customers will be happy and will sleep well knowing that they chose the Simba Hybrid as their mattress.

Moreover, with the 100-day testing window, you can rest assured that you will have plenty of time to decide if the Simba Hybrid is the best mattress for you.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review 2018
Simba Hybrid Mattress Review 2018
Our Final Thoughts
If you’re in the market for a “bed-in-a-box” mattress you cant really go wrong with a Simba mattress. It provides just the right level of firmness. Personally, we think very hard pushed to find a more comfortable mattress for the same price
Reader Rating6 Votes4.55
Excellent support for your back
Less expensive that other brands
Money back guarantee
Removal of old mattress
Sleeps Cool
No handles
Can be warmer than other mattresses on the market
Can be too firm for some sleepers
A great all round mattress!
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